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Image by Ralph Kayden

10 Years After Airbnb, Real Estate Developers See The Money In Home-sharing


Topic: STR Trend

Now's the time for landlords and developers to stake their claim in the lucrative world of multifamily buildings by integrating with travel apartment providers.

Mist Over Skyscrapers

Early Adopters Of Short-Term Rentals Are Helping The Model Scale Nationally


Topic: Scaling STR Program

As short-term rental gains traction, innovative multifamily developers are putting more stake in the travel apartment model.

Image by Ralph Kayden

Topics: Mixed-use, Operating Expense Reduction

The nation's top developers are investing in short term rentals and seeing big results as baby boomers and millennials seek more from their travel accommodations.

Sunroom with Wicker Furniture

Fears Of Short-Term Rental Culture Clash Are Overblown, Study Says



Topics: Community Relations, Mixed-use, Guest Demographics

Data indicates travel apartment guests are largely indistinguishable from full time residents, allaying developer fears of potential culture clash.

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